Who we are?

  We are bold, strong, and unique. Our style is eye catching, it´s Loud and not just for anyone. We are noticed the moment we enter the room and we like it. Are you one of us?

Creating small pieces of art made with the heart but designed with the head is our OBSESSION. Every Veneno piece is made to stand out from the mass production crowd.

The journey begun in 2017 in Mexico although it might seem we are just starting the business, be sure we are no amateurs, Our Heritage goes back 3 generations of leather craftsmen.  3 years ago we simply wanted to move forward. And we did it.

When creating the brand we choose to become Veneno, a strong word that means poison in Spanish but it´s also the name of a very limited and exotic hyper car. The name was perfect since it reflected our strong spirit, our passion but also the uniqueness of our designs.


Our Home ...

We are located near Toluca, Mexico.  From our factory we get very nice views of Toluca Volcano (Nevado de Toluca). You´re welcome to visit us.